Google AdWords is Improving Quality Score Reportin...

Google AdWords have recently made some improvements to their Quality Score reporting by 3 new optional columns to the existing Keywords status tab, along with allowing advertisers to examine their Quality Score history.   New Status Columns: Google has expanded their 3 column keyword report with different status columns that makes it easier to access

Google My Business Releases New Data Insights for ...

We had a preview of these metrics. The ‘Popular Times’ metric is eerily similar to the Knowledge Graph, and its rendering depends factually on the extent of a business’s visibility. For example, the ‘Popular Times’ index for IBM is going to reveal higher data sets than a small business which is a couple of years

Should Your Business Adhere to Local SEO Ranking F...

Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Search Engine Optimisation compliments your business by increasing your website presence in your local area to encourage new enquiries & ensure it’s easy for existing clients to find you easily. Local SEO should form apart of your bigger digital marketing strategy & will add tremendous value in terms of website

‘Google My Business’ Increases Search and Down...

Whether you are a business owner or a manager handling multiple Google My Business accounts, you will now have the provision to search and download 18 months of visibility data. The credit goes to Evan Older to spot the feature a couple of days back. Multiple Google My Business account holders can access and download

Google Lens – What is it All About?

With Google’s I/O conference coming to an end, the one thing on everyone’s minds is Google Lens. In case you don’t know, Google Lens is a tool introduced by the search engine giant that will help integrate it with a smartphone’s camera. What this means is that when you take a photo using Google Lens,

Google Local Reviews Available in Native Language

In a notable change that is going to improve how people perceive Local search reviews, Google has updated its algorithm to translate an existing review in the native language of the device user. For example, if you are a tourist in Israel and searching for some café or a coworking office to work for a

Boost Your Adwords CTR by A/B Testing Your Copy

  Do you know why some ads seem to have higher Click-Through-Rate than others? It’s simply because of A/B testing. All seasoned Pay-Per-Click professionals and experts use this in their campaigns to get the best results. In fact, it is undisputedly one of the most important elements of a successful pay per click ad campaign.

Creating Specific Ads for Different Keywords Incre...

  Let’s see if this sounds familiar to you: Business X decides they need new clients fast. So, they pull up the Keyword Planner and other keyword tools, generate a bunch of keywords, group similar keywords together as recommended by Google, create multiple ad copies, deploy the campaign and then wait for the flood of

Write Persuasive Ad Copy that Engages and Converts

Do you want to know the vital element that all successful PPC ads really have in common? It’s their ad copy. Yes, you can have the best keyword groups, have an excellent quality score and spend a fortune on your paid search ads. But if your ad copy isn’t targeted, compelling and persuasive, you may

Use Call Tracking to Determine Exact ROI

How much do you spend on your monthly paid search ads? How much is your return on investment? Are you able to track and record any direct revenue from a client that clicked your PPC ad? These are some of the questions we ask new clients who come to us for help. Sure, there is