Decrease Cost Per Lead

One of the most important considerations of a successful business is being able to increase your sales numbers. 

While retaining existing customers is essential, it is also important that you are able to generate new leads. 

One problem many companies face when trying to do this is spending too much on each lead. 

This means that you not only invest a lot without making much in return, but it also means that when sales are made your profit margin will be lower. 

That is why your top priority needs to be boosting your customer base while keeping your costs down.

Evaluating Your Marketing Strategy

One factor that has a huge impact on lead generation is the strategy that is being used to market your business to others. 

Many business owners do not realise that some of the techniques that they rely on are not evergreen, meaning that they are not going to have the same benefits over time. 

As a result, it is important that your marketing efforts are assessed regularly and changes are made to ensure you are constantly staying up to date. 

It can be a bit tricky to make changes, especially if you have been in business for quite some time and you are used to doing things a certain way. 

However, this is what needs to be done if you want to give your business a much-needed boost and keep up with your competition. 

Besides, you will save a great deal of money when you are no longer funnelling money into marketing channels that are not offering any significant returns on your investment.

The Importance Of Blogging

Years ago, many looked at blogging as an online diary where one could share some of their personal thoughts with an audience. 

While it is still used for these purposes in certain instances, it has become a revolutionary way to connect with potential customers. 

The idea is to have them see you as an expert in your niche. Once this happens, they will feel compelled to come to you for all of their needs. 

You must remember that the blogging that needs to be done on behalf of your business needs to be informational, precise, relevant and preferably timeless as there is no way to guarantee when the content will be read. 

In addition, it has to be professional in nature and speak directly to those who have a need for the products and services you are selling. 

This is not something that everyone is adept at, which means that it should not be attempted on your own if you are not well-versed in this area.

Marketing Channels

Have you taken the time to explore all of the marketing channels that can greatly benefit your business? For instance, do you have various social media accounts that draw people to your business on a consistent basis? 

If you have been using the same marketing channels for quite some time, it may be time to make changes. Perhaps you have been trying hard to reach your intended audience on Twitter, but the demographic you are trying to appeal to is more likely to be on Facebook. 

It is your responsibility as a business owner to make sure that you have the correct information and that you are reaching the right audience.

In addition to changes with your social media marketing, you may want to explore changes with the way that you are marketing via email and/or mobile devices. 

Keep in mind it is not about the number of channels you are using, but the quality of your efforts and the impact that is being made when it comes to attracting new business.

Our Process

At ETRAFFIC, we are dedicated to helping struggling and stagnant businesses increase their sales numbers. With that said, one of our most important goals is helping you decrease your cost per lead. 

What we will do is take a look at the strategies that are currently being implemented and make changes that will have positive financial benefits for you. 

Whether this means writing blog content on your behalf or giving your social media accounts an overhaul, our goal is to make your business as successful as possible.

Our company knows that everyone has different needs, so we work closely with you to determine what your unique needs are and then build a plan accordingly. 

Marketing is not a cookie-cutter industry and you will never be treated like it is. We will personalise services in order to assure you reap the most benefits from our efforts,

Our Points Of Difference

We are different from the other digital marketing agencies because we genuinely care about your success. 

This means that we are not opposed to working tirelessly in order to make sure that all of your business goals are met. 

It is never about the bottom line for us. Our reputation is based on how much we care for every single one of our clients by treating them like priorities, not profits. 

It is also important to note that we are transparent and will keep you updated about the process every step of the way. You will never be in the dark about what we are doing to help you. 

We will communicate with you regularly and will be open in honest about how things are going.

Why Work With Us

Do you feel like your business is not doing well as it could be? Are you worried about spending too much money on a regular basis and not seeing any profits? Do you have concerns about putting more into the business than you are receiving from it? If so, it is time that you do something about it. 

Before you continue to invest more money into strategies that are not working, you need to call us. We will help you find ways to increase the number of leads you are able to generate regularly while managing to keep the costs down. 

Instead of hesitating and wasting more money in the meantime, please us a call today so we can discuss what we can do for you.