Accelerating Online Sales with A Google Ads Agency

Most modern entrepreneurs believe in fast-track advertising to increase their sales volume. While traditional marketing campaigns still work, with the advent of Google Ads, entrepreneurs now prefer digital advertising because of its traceable results. Google Ads is one of the fastest techniques to improve your online sales. And at ETRAFFIC, we make sure that your investment in Google Ads doesn’t go to waste. Once you give us the responsibility, we will set up a marketing campaign and manage it to accelerate your company’s sales volume.

Refined Marketing Campaigns

As a Google-certified company, we know what it takes to boost your sales by managing your Google Ads campaigns. Our refined marketing campaigns, together with result-monitoring, allow us to understand which campaign suits your business best. At ETRAFFIC, we don’t stop if we hit the target on our first attempt. We keep trying various alternatives so that you never run out of Google Ads campaigns. This not only increases your chances of boosting sales but will also see a consistent performance from your business activities.

Our experts use the latest data analysis tools to monitor the performance of the Google Ads campaigns, every day, every hour. Our job here is to keep updating you with in-depth insights about the campaigns so that you can also suggest ideas and provide some input into your campaign to achieve better results. 

Increasing Quality Leads

ETRAFFIC optimises your Google Ads campaign so that we can convert the traffic from your website into buyers, thus making Pay-Per-Click advertising more profitable for your company. Our experts will focus on the management strategy of your Google Adwords campaign through PPC services designed to increase your ROI. We implement multiple personalised and long-term strategies that not only generate leads but also increase your revenue by attracting new customers.

Our Google Ads campaigns aim to boost traffic on your website, improve conversions and also increase brand awareness. We believe this will enhance the chances of getting repeat customers. Moreover, this strategy allows us to extract unlimited data for every marketing campaign. It shows us the number of people who clicked the ads, how many viewers responded to the campaign and visited your website, the viewers that converted into leads, and the specific keywords that generated most of the traffic. 

Monitoring Real-time Results

Every business wants repeat customers so that they have a significant and reliable customer base. We can help you set up such a base so that your business can expect consistent orders throughout the year. Our team will go through the real-time results of the marketing campaigns so that they understand the percentage of viewers who become leads and the leads that become repeat customers. We not only start Google Ads campaigns but also monitor their results to differentiate the success of the campaigns. 

Our Process

Our experts start by auditing your website to help develop a Google Ads campaign, then we carefully track the results of the campaign. Following is the process we use:

Why Is ETRAFFIC Different?

With so many companies offering to work as your Google Ads agency, why should you hire us instead of other service providers? Here are a few reasons that explain why ETRAFFIC is different.

  • We only provide result-driven strategies so that your Google Ads campaigns don’t fail. Our team understands that your money is at stake and we respect and value that. Therefore, you can expect successful strategies for every campaign from ETRAFFIC.
  • Our team precisely targets sections of your website that need improvement. We don’t believe in making wholesale changes to show off our skills. ETRAFFIC will tweak a few things to increase your company’s sales volume online.


Therefore, if you want a reliable Google Ads agency to take over your marketing campaigns, trust ETRAFFIC. Call us at 1300 387 233 to set up an appointment and get you going on the path to success.