Google Remarketing

Did you know that 96% of your potential website visitors aren’t actually ready to buy yet? In fact, most of us forget that our customers are just like us – they are very busy. Just imagine, how many times have you been distracted before you reached the payment step on a website! If you want customers coming back for your product or service, you need to get your brand in front of their eyeballs regularly – as they progress through the buying cycle. That’s where Google Remarketing or Retargeting comes into the picture. 

No matter where your potential customers browse online, your brand will have a presence with Google Remarketing. However, Google Remarketing should be performed by an experienced Google Remarketing Agency. If you are searching for a reliable Google Remarketing Agency in Australia, you don’t have to look any further than ETRAFFIC. We are your trusted partner in Australia for all your Google Remarketing needs.

Remarketing ads give you the ability to present highly targeted ads to potential customers who have already shown an interest in your product or service. For example, when a potential customer visits your site but doesn’t convert into a sale, your retargeting ad will be shown to the individual as they continue their journey around the net. This will help keep your brand at the top at the forefront of their mind and entice them to return for more and finally become a paying customer. 

Did you know that the more ad impressions a visitor sees, the more likely they are to convert? Remarketing will present these customers with gentle reminders about your brand. This will help build their trust in your brand over time. Our expert team will work with you to present an irresistible offer to each potential customer.

The average conversion rate for worldwide eCommerce sites is only around 2.95%. However, with Google remarketing ads, you have a much greater reach. In fact, Google Display Network or GDN reaches more than 90% of online shoppers across the globe. Our team will help you tap into a large portion of these customers. That’s why you should partner with ETRAFFIC for all your Google Remarketing needs.

Google Retargeting will not only attract more customers to your brand but build brand awareness in the process. In fact, Remarketing is one of the most powerful brand-building machines out there. Our impressive Google Remarketing team will work closely with you to design the advertisements you’ll love and attract highly targeted customers to your brand.

Remarketing needs a delicate balance between aggressive targeting and subtle hints. Our team knows how to get the right balance the first time around. In fact, we will help increase your repeat visitors by at least 50% or more within a short time. You will get highly personalised advertisements that are managed by a highly professional Remarketing Agency when you choose us as your digital marketing partner. 

Our campaigns are designed to attract non-converting visitors while giving your brand that extra magic in the process. Our creative team of experts will work together with the customer to devise an effective retargeting strategy that does what it is supposed to do. That’s why our service can dramatically increase your conversions within a short time.

Our Process

Your business should always be in front of shoppers eyes during the decision-making process in this competitive online world. Here is our approach to Google Retargeting that will help take your small business to the next level in a short period of time:

Our Points Of Difference

There are three main things we stand for that makes our agency completely different from our competition.


Your success will be our #1 priority. We will establish clear KPIs together so that you can measure your marketing progress.


We employ some of the most knowledgeable and experienced digital marketing experts in the industry.


We communicate with you regularly via calls, meetings, and reports.

Call ETRAFFIC in Australia today to implement an effective Google Remarketing strategy to attract more customers to your website and improve the bottom line of your business!